This booklet gives information about the trail that has been developed with the cooperation from Moken community, the Andaman Pilot Project of the Social Research Institute, Chulalongkorn University, and the Marine National Park Division of the National Park Office, with the support from UNESCO and UNDP.   Hundreds of years before the establishment of the Surin Islands National Park, the Moken travelled these islands.   They know the forest as well as the sea and have a great respect for the forest.  Before cutting down a big tree a ceremony will be held and the offerings made to the supernatural beings that are the protectors of the forest.  The Moken follow trails to gather wild fruit, vegetables, tubers, and honey. This 800 meter long trail leads into the lush rain forest and brings you to Chok Madah, a small beautiful bay on the south-eastern side of south Surin Island.  There are 20 interesting points along the trail and each will provide you with information that connects your world with that of the Moken and the island ecology.

Narumon Arunotai,  Paladej na Pombejra, and  Jeerawan Buntaotook. 2009. “Chok Madah” Nature-Culture Trail Moken Village, Large bon Bay, South Surin Island, Phang-nga Province. The Andaman Pilot Project  Chulalongkorn University Social Research Institute.

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